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“nice service”

10.01.2018 10:53


“Great service provided by Donald. Made things easy, friendly and quick. Thank you again. Highly recommended.”

10.01.2018 02:53


“I didn't buy anything as I don't use websites like these, but they were still very friendly and answered all of my questions about the site. I promised a good review in return.”

09.01.2018 06:56


“Donnie - thank you very much! You make us great again ;)”

07.01.2018 01:39


“Everything went smoothly and i got the items in 20mins. Also Donald was wery friendly!”

30.12.2017 15:22


“Short and sweet! Does exactly what it says on the tin! Thanks Donald!”

28.12.2017 21:35

A and K:

“At first I thought this was dodgy (well... it is, buying accounts and all!) and I didn't want to risk losing money. But having read some other reviews, I did contact LotroPay via Skype and he was very fast to respond. I'm sure he (she?) is busy but still responded and after about 10 minutes or so I had two screenshots of characters with lifetime VIP - exactly what I needed for myself and partner who are returning to LOTRO for Christmas holiday after not having played for 8 years (and losing our account details...). I paid for the account, and was given the login details, changed a few settings and was good to go. Second account went through same deal no problem at all. Very happy with the accounts: We're playing them right now and LOTRO will probably make some money when we buy the latest expansion. It's a win-win for everyone.”

27.12.2017 13:24


“As much as you might not trust the site from the first few steps as I did, if you take the time to read reviews both on and off site, it can be trusted. For my purchases, it was easy, clean, and verified through paypal, so incase something went wrong, it could be backed up. :) 9/10 for accounts 10/10 for items. ”

25.12.2017 02:03

Happy Winter Shopper:

“Incredibly fast service when they say 5 mins it takes even less than that. ”

24.12.2017 16:10


“Что можно сказать: Я играю в ЛОТРО уже лет шесть. До этого покупал голды на других сайтах, проблем вроде не было, но никогда не встречал такой скорости и такого профессионализма!”

24.12.2017 15:11


“Trustworthy service and fast delivery, had a nice talk with Donald too, haha. 10/10”

24.12.2017 03:40

king of the north:

“amazing service! bought 3 stat tomes for an extremely cheap price and it arrived in less then 10 minutes! the payment is secure and Donald's attitude is awsome! ty! if i will need anything this is the first place i will come to!”

17.12.2017 15:41


“ Диву даюсь! Такие вежливые и отзывчивые люди! Всё помогут, расскажут, покажут, быстро отреагируют на клиента!А главное честные! Жалко такие люди не часто в жизни встречаются!:D Большое спасибо! "Donald" - отдельное уважение! ”

12.12.2017 11:55


“The greatest thanks to the team of operators, everything is done quickly and efficiently!Most pleasant bonuses to purchase. ”

04.12.2017 20:14


“Голда пришла примерно через 7 минут, сразу же написал в чат и все получил! А главное тут получаешь больше чем когда я покупал на торе... Спасибо!”

03.12.2017 16:12