SKYPE: LotroPay



  • Question – when I will receive game currency?


  • Answer – In 99% cases gold is delivered within 30 minutes after payment. The maximum delivery period – 24 hours.


  • Question – How can I pay the order?


  • The answer – we accept a huge number of payment methods (Paypal, Visa/Mastercard, WebMoney, Skrill and so on)


  • Question –Is game currency always available?


  • Answer – if you would like to buy 10000 units of game currency, and we have such a sum at warehouse, then the system will notify you. As a rule there is enough game currency for all buyers.


  • Question – Is your game currency obtained by fair means?


  • Answer – Yes, our game currency is got by fair means and you shouldn't worry about it.


  • Question – whether the administration of a game can ban my account?


  • Answer – We haven’t had such cases yet as we use the most reliable way of the game currency transfer– an auction.


  • Question – your operator doesn't answer. What shall I do?


  • Answer – Perhaps you have written in off-duty time. You can pay the order and to leave denomination of the objects offered for an auction. As soon as we are online, we will execute your order.


  • Question – Do you tie into game administration?


  • Answer - No, we do not bear relation to owners or administration of a game.